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  1. Best Friend Forever

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    When I was 10 years-old, my mum sent me to a Summer Camp. I din't remember much, only bits and pieces... What I remember the most is a friend I make there. She was my best friend, the best I ever had. I am not sure though whether she is older than me or younger. But I do know that we were close.

    As the Summer Camp ended, we parted and back to our own lives. The friendship didn't end there, we wrote to each other. She lives in KL as I'm in Melaka. We never met after the summer camp. Occasionally she will call me or I will call her, which reminded me of the movie The Parent Trap, where the twins secretly call each other. haha...

    I dint remember in which part of my life that we lost communication, but I miss her dearly. Although I cant remember what we talk about then, but I remember clearly that we were close.

    When friendster exist, I try to find all of my friends. Primary school, Secondary school. I found her, but we didn't have the Jejak Kaseh thingy going on. She is not the person I know when I was ten. I have to say, I am a bit disappointed.

    This shows that as we grow up, we develop different interest in life.

    I always love Mariah Carey even since I was small. Now, I listen to all kind of music.

    When I was fifteen, young and foolish of course, I dated a 'Mat Rempit'. Now, I'm having a relationship with a MAN, worthy of my love.

    When I was sixteen, I never obey to anyone, seriously... Now, I'm better.

    When I was nineteen, I ran away from home, hating and cursing my parents. Now, I love them more than anything.

    I have many circles of friends, the bad ones, the good ones, the ulama type, the naughty type... all kinds, I can fit in all types of people. Although I do understand that not all people are like me. I have few people as examples on my sleeves, but I rather not share.

    The point is, I hope people can just get along without having this ego thingy influencing them. You know, the part where, people saying things like"ko kampong, aku tak kawan orang kampong" or "ko soSIAL, perangai cam setan, masuk neraka, aku tak nak join ko"

    I seriously didn't remember having that kind of attitude when I was smaller (In age, I meant hehe). If you are using your parents money, you are not rich... So don't act all snobbish like you are rich. We already have rich people that are snob, so don't add the number...

    Good night my BFF, tomorow I will forget you... Wake up only to remember my LOVE ones...
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  2. Amiza Nur...

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    The car that Amiza Nur drives
    Amiza Nur is a sister of mine that is kind in heart, not as self-centered as the rest of my other sisters including me. Today is her first paper on SPM. She told my mother last week that she wants my mum to drive her off to school during SPM. My mum says OK.

    A few days after that (that is Saturday, 8th Nov), she was involved in an accident. Anisah Nur, my youngest sister from my mother, and Amiza Nur were on the way to town. Of course, Amiza is the one who drove, turns her heads away from the road for few seconds and she suddenly realise that she was too close with the car in front of her. She hit the break and try to avoid hitting the car. As I'm not in the car, so I'm not really sure how fast she drove. But i think, it must be REALLY FAST, because the car turns 900 degree and crash sideways facing back to where they came from(as u can see in the pic)

    Lucky for them, they are OK. The car, not so fortunate. my mum said ambulance and fire fighters were there, as witnesses of the accident thought the driver and passenger of the car wont make it. Huh... according to my mum again, the car is a total lost!

    I thank God that they are OK. As I love my sisters a lot. All of them. I hope that my beloved Amiza Nur learn her lesson.
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  3. Its all about Tapir!

    Monday, November 10, 2008

    I have to admit, since cuti sekolah nie, i spent most of my time with Puppy and Tapir. Hehehe... betapa chumelnya Tapir... Geram giler...

    Yesterday, i decided to wash them. Since kutu dah banyak gile... Mak anak, dua2 penuh kutu. I wash Puppy first, then Tapir. I thought mandi Tapir easier... sebaliknya happen. Ya Allah... Tapir punya menangis... macam aku nak bunuh dia... sampai Puppy rempuh masuk toilet and nak serang aku...

    I shouted at Ikmal who at that time playing DOTA. He came and took Puppy out of the toilet, then after few seconds, rempuh balik masuk toilet. So i ask him to bring her out of the room. I can hear Puppy crying at the bedroom's door, trying to open it to get in the room.

    I rinse Tapir and dry him with towel. As for Puppy, climb over me and crying and talking to her son. God, she is such a drama queen...

    These are photos of Tapir after his bath... so cute...

    My little angel...

    Close up

    Ahhh... Chumel sungguh...

    Geram giler...

    Tengok dia... alalalalala....

    Tapir buntal...

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  4. Puppy VS Tapir!

    Saturday, November 8, 2008

    This video was captured few days back, or maybe last week. Cant remember, maybe few days before BBM final exam.

    Tapir sangat buas, as Ikmal always said. This is to prove that he is right... Tapir sangat buas, sampai his own mom jd mangsa kebuasan dia... huh...

    Selamat Menonton!

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