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  1. A Night to FORGET!!!

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Seriously!! I’m not angry but I’m in rage. Everything I imagine for my night would be, is not that night! I couldn’t believe that there are people like them. They took advantage of their majority to pick on people.

    I remember a few weeks maybe month before Raya I told Ash about wanting seats that will be nearer to all our classmates so I won’t feel alienated. Additionally, I want us to seat together so we can laugh together and enjoy the night together. Though at first I prefer to be in the same table as my classmates, I end up in either Hakim's table or 'The' table. So I try called Hakim but he didn’t answer so I call 'The' table. These two tables have 7 people. So ngam ngam for Ikmal, Amy and me. After a few try, I asked Nareem for 'The' phone number. You know, just to be polite since we know each other, I thought it would be more appropriate if I call her, asking whether would she mind if I join her table. She's quite hesitate at first but I mentioned that I will pick a table that would be near to the stage and it would be fun to be in the same table with somebody we know, bla bla bla... then she agrees. So, I feel relieved that I get to seat with somebody I know and surrounded by my classmates. This arrangement had been done way before raya, so I have some expectation in my head, about how my night would be.

    Last week, on BBM class, Aben says he will seat with me on MPG night. How happy I was! I call ash 3 to 4 days before that night to ask about it, and she says not exactly that Aben is in the same table as I am but table behind me or something, tapi sebelah2 lah!! Takpe lah I say to my self, asalkan dekat.

    On that night, I was so excited to meet my friends and my dear classmates. There’s this feeling inside me that i can’t describe. I seriously thought it would be a night to treasure, to be embedded in my heart. Instead it happens the other way around. I came to the reception counter, register, and check what table Im in. “Table 28”, I say to myself. I saw 'the' name in my table. As expected. Strike one. As we were moving towards table 28, to my surprise, it's near to the performance stage, strike two. Table on my left is Sara and MPG committee members, I guess. Table on my right is chip and the gang, table behind me is Cica, Juon, Ara and the gang, strike 3 and suddenly IM OUT! These people who are in the same table with me started arguing that 'the' don’t have a seat. Paul approached; ask what happen he seems sincere to help. He checked the name list for table 28. Azara Nur, Ikmal, Amy Royani, the, bla, bla, bla, bla bla, bla. ooppsss... somebody’s boyfriend is not in the list. So Paul asks one of the 'bla' and her boyfriend to talk outside. I guess they were upset so they were hesitated to make the move. Then another 'bla' says:" I dah cakap dah dengan ash hari rabu hari tu, bla, bla, bla". Looking at them and I thought to myself. OMG apasal macam orang kampung masuk bandar? Why must you disrespectfully argue about this while me and my friends were still in the table? Can’t you take it elsewhere? I started to glare at 'the' hoping that she will come to me and say something. Nothing, so I sat quietly. Trying to calm myself because I can sense that trouble is on my way...

    And music started to play. The event had started. I thought ok, hopefully this matter will resolve and that the couple who the boyfriend's name not on the list will move to other table. Hahaha... “kini dijemput bla bla bla untuk bacaan doa.” And suddenly tada!!! Here comes Iwa, approaching me, " Kak Aza tiga orang kan? boleh tak move pergi table 4? Please sangat, it seems that there’s miscommunication lah.” Im quite pissed off actually, but I try not to shout as I move away from that table after Doa. Iwa left my friends and I searching for the table in the dark. hahahaha. And when i found the table. it has only one seat available. And I am furious. I’ve been to so many events and I have to say this is the WORST experience ever! I feel HUMMILIATED and DISSAPOINTED. Where those people who say mass comm. are unite bla bla bla? I went to the reception counter and started raising my voice because I can’t control my self anymore.

    I seriously feel like I want to leave this party and go home or maybe get an ice cream before I go home. Bottom-line is to leave these assholes. Anyway, Iwa started apologizing so many times but still all this bullshit drama has spoiled my night and I almost shed tears. I spent more than RM 400 for this night, expecting to enjoy myself with my classmates. What did I get? HUMMILIATION and DISSAPOINTMENT! I ended up in a table (table 3)with only the 3 of us, and more humiliating is the table is in the last row and the farthest from the stage.

    Only Paul and Cha realized that I was so far away from our other classmates. Hurm… I did not wait until the end of the party. I went home, and along the way I mumbling to Amy and Ikmal how disappointed and furious and humiliated I am. I reach home still complaining and Ikmal also feels disappointed, he even says that they are rude; no manner people to ask us to leave our table which our name is on. What more can I say, I can’t even say anything now, Im out of bad words to describe my night. I ended up calling Dya unintentionally weeping, and told her about it.

    To 'the' and the friends... Hey!!! Allah tu ada. if ko tak dapat balasan kat dunia, kat akirat ko dapat! Good Luck on your life journey. Masa ko stumble and tergolek ingat lah aku. Orang yang ko aniaya.
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  2. 15 comments:

    1. ZARA said...

      aku maleh nak bukak photoshop. aku lukis map dlm dewan tu pki paint.... hhahahaha

    2. Mo. said...

      kak aza patut bitau ktarang kakkkk.. kitarang dah lama dah akan fight for you kakk.. i saw u masa tu kan. i said. "hi kak aza... eh silap. hi aza". then masa class performance.. mata juling mo cuba mencari kak aza... anyway. kak aza sabar ok? eh silap.. aza sabar ok? senyum tau! :)

    3. ZARA said...

      thanks.. aku feel better lepas merugu-rugu ngadu kat dya! hahahhahaha....

    4. Aza,

      i did saw the 'drama'. i was facing the same problem too. i was supposed to be seated with Kya from group B but when i saw the updated seating timetable...the table which i was supposed to be designated at as well as Kya's name weren't in there.

      tapi Shah tak kisah for i was (ye lah, MPG dah tamat so i'm no longer a committee member) part of the team. i later resorted for table 35...itu pun duduk makan aje sebab lepas tu i walked around the hall to mingle sampailah habis event.

      if i knew the Sponsorship table was empty...i would have placed you there. kat meja tu cuma ada Nareem and a couple of thers aje.

      anyway, what had befallen you should not had happened. i know we're humans but some errors should not be committed. however, i have to admit...since tengah hari semalam pun semua orang sort of miscommunicate. nama aje Mass Communication.

      Aza, a night to FORGET or otherwise, at least you came. pasal rugi berbelanja sampai a few hundred bucks tu...let that be a lesson to all lah.

    5. ZARA said...

      actually i meant habis berbelanja is the RM 200 ticket for my self, RM 110 ticket for Ikmal, RM 69 for my cheong sam top, RM 79 for Ikmal's top, RM 6 chopstick utk selit kat sanggul dgn RM 13eyeliner. hurm walau pun sume duit Ikmal tapi baik dia perabis duit tu sume utk aku g shopping kat bandung... hehehe lg heaven kan? kan? btw thanks anyway... aku dah ok dah...

    6. Aza,

      glad you've cooled down. yup, memang rugi apa lagi kalau babitkan duit orang lain. i know Ikmal ikhlas tapi itu lah, ralat jugak kalau bergaya segala tapi you did not enjoy the night.

      it's okay, Aza. semua orang learnt a new lesson.

    7. Ikmal said...

      prefer to sit at home playing dota and enjoy mee goreng mamak.

      no fun at all and tasteless food

    8. ZARA said...

      ikmal has spoken....

    9. Joe Moktar said...

      xpela ibu..pejam mata je k..bumi mana tak ditimpa hujan..sabar yea ibu..

    10. cha said...

      semua kita menerima cobaan. jadi, kita lupekanlah k. benda dah jadik, ni pun student nya event, our first time jugak kan. mmg agak kelam kelibut sebenarnya. tapi alhamdulillah la. cha mmg terkejut gile tgk kak aza kat belakang tu tetibe. tapi.. yg penting, kak aza nampak sgt sweet malam tu bersama dgn kekasih hati! hehe.. (bukan nak amek ati ke ape, ikhlas wey) biarkanlah. biarkanlah.

    11. Camar Sendiri said...

      yahooo.. sy sokong IKMAL!!!! yeye! hahhahaha terbaek ikmal!

    12. Junaidi Asmara said...

      table sponsorship tak kosong sebenarnya malam tu. Saya hanya dapat masuk ke dewan jam 10 malam. Berkorban juga untuk pick up Dean kita di jalan Duta. It's ok. tanggungjawab tak kira waktu. Tak dapat juga makan kerana sudah tiba masa dessert. Its ok. Asalkan yang lain dapat makan. Duit? dari awal semester sampai akhir, hampir saja mencecah ribuan. Takpa, biar berkorban, asal event dapat jalan atas nama semua. Dari 7 a.m di KLCC, keluar semula 1.30 a.m. Penat?tak terkira.
      I guess law of attraction doesnt apply this time ha Azza?
      Whats your part?

    13. Hakim Nasir said...

      salam.esok selasa jam 8.30 malam,bk 55,akan diadakan post mortem untuk mpg. Kita 1 batch kan,6 semester bersama,n aza dah keluar banyak duit untuk mpg kan? kesian aza,kesian ikmal x dapat makan sedap.jadi jemputlah hadir esok boleh kita selidik apa yang jadi malam tu. insyaallah, setiap biro akan cuba beri jawapan yang bernas untuk jadikan MPG
      aza "a night to remember".Assalamualaikum.

    14. dyana hanni said...


      first and foremost, i would like to thank u for coming.

      i'm sorry you didn't get to sit with people you know. i know how it must be like, as i was sitting rite at the very front of the stage with a few lecturers and MPPs.

      no, none of my friends were sitting with me. in fact, none of my friends stood beside me throughout the MPG except for Sarah, Chicha and Nareem. a few backed out. but i made it thru the rain. thanks to everyone whom i never thought wud be my fren. they supported me with all their hearts and gave me a shoulder to cry on when i feel like it. yea i did cried. why? for the sake of pleasing 209 students from our batch and not to forget 190 guests.

      call it your night to forget. it's your choice. but please don't forget to thank those who've worked very hard to make it a night to forget.

      not like you i did not spent rm200 for our MPG. as well as my team. we did not spent rm200 for our mpg. we spent rm200 for the dinner. a few more RMs for petrol, maxis bill account, printing, and a lot more. my pleasure, i can show you the bill. and none of your money were used. how much did u or was it your boyfriend spent again? rm400? sorry u had to spend so much for a night to forget.

      btw, thank u for coming. you are cordially invited to the MPG post mortem tomorrow night. maybe you have something to say. or maybe not.

      i on behalf of the team thank u again and sorry for the inconvinience we've caused.

      Best Regards,

      p/s: kepada suara-suara yang tak layak, tak malu ke ada hati nak bersuara?

    15. Ikmal said...

      weh baik korang focus pasal belajar

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