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  1. A reply to a Kata-Kata.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Negara mane yang politiknya tiada corruption and bla bla bla... show me... not much but a little. Sorry to say, even IF there is a new gov to be form... things wont change much... if you say:"progress are impossible without changes" i say YES go ahead... Change!! Do i have to change my religion in order to progress? NO! Perhaps i have to change my lifestyle?
    Not all people in UMNO are "segerombolan korup dan megalomaniac". Its like saying Orang Melayu Pemalas. UnFair and UnJust. Kalau nak kata UMNO dulu follow je British or Pro-British. WHO ARE WE TO SAY THAT? We are not from that Years. The most important is to get rid of them. I remember my Grandmother once told me Tunku Abd Rahman datang Melaka. Ramai rakyat Melaka yang serahkan Barang kemas diorang pada Tunku so He can go and ask for kemerdekaan from British. That shows that they want to be free no matter how much it will cost them.

    How do we know that it is an easy process? How much does it cost to fly from Malaysia to UK now? How much do you think it cost before Merdeka? It is by their own expenses except the last trip, when Tunku went to Melaka. According to my Grandma juga, that is why Tunku announce kat Melaka. The point is UMNO is not the Hero but Tunku and his associates are the Hero, and not forgetting the rakyat of Malaya. It is each and everyone of them who contributed to what we have today.

    At least we should be GRATEFUL. That is what we are not now. What is it about Malaysia that is in need of change? UNGRATEFULNESS pun contribution tu corruption. Dah dapat apartment nak condo. Cari lagi duit nak Banglo plak. dapat kancil nak perdana then tukar Merc. Changes don’t have to be today, tomorrow or Next year. Changes consume time. From what I can see, they are changing. Hopefully it will last until everybody is satisfied. Everybody make choices and sometimes mistaken, I can understand. Too many bad choices also bad, but when there’s effort, give ways for more.

    Sedangkan hanya berniat sahaja dah diberi pahala dosa inikan effort. Bukan takda orang UMNO yang against the Pentadbiran, ada… these people also want changes bukan setakat dalam nation but also in UMNO itself. Bersabar adalah separuh IMAN, kita doalah for a better tomorrow. Tak semestinya Change everything, kalau nak lagi progress tukar Cina jd PM, mmg cepat kita dapat lari sebelah S’pore. It is not my intention to be unjust to the Malay or Indian but Chinese, Japanese, Korean, yang mata2 sepet ni memang rajin. DNA diorang ada strand rajin. Tapi kita takut diketepikan dekat tanah sendiri, sbb DNA diorang ada jugak strand pentingkan diri. So macam mana? Which ways do you prefer? There is no right or wrong to this question. There are only PROs and CONs.

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  2. 4 comments:

    1. Junaidi Asmara said...

      emosi membatasi rasional?

    2. ZARA said...

      Please don’t get me wrong…but, what is considering as emotional and what is consider as rational? Point it out and let me know. As human are made by GOD and full of emotion, it is not in the wrong if I say that I’m passion with what I’m saying because I’m full of emotion. Hehehe… at least I’m being truthful to myself.

    3. Junaidi Asmara said...
      erm..aza cuba baca tulisan mamat ni, amir hafizi, pasal buku yg dia ulas, kebetulan dia ada post tu. tapi jgn diambil kira sgt cara dia menulis. bahasa dia macam haram.
      cuba analyze isi ulasan dia and link dengan definisi rational and emotion.
      kena fikir dalam ckit ar. mamat ni menulis melalut, but u'll get the picture.
      and i totally respect aza sebab aza berpegangan, setidaknya aza nak berfikir dan tak ignorance, satu benda yang jarang ada kat anak muda sekerang.

    4. ZARA said...

      actually dah baca sket dah buku tu, its about the power of now. Eckhart tolle. my mum bought it. She spends half a year to understand the book. i may spend a year and a half just to read it. hahahaha... according to my mum its almost like the law of attraction, but instead of focusing then, u focus now.... my mum explains better than that guy i guess... hehehe

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