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  1. Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Kak Nyra and Hubby
    What is marriage all about? Two of his Ex was married this year, most of his Ex either engaged or married. What a slap to my face. Different people have different definition of happiness, mine is FAMILY. SOME people wants security in a man, as for me, I just want somebody who can love me as ME; bad-tempered, balloon, cranky, romantic, plain, shopping, dining…

    Not only his Ex was married, even most people close to me were married. I think it’s the small person in me that is jealous. I don’t like to be envy of other people because I know I’m happy now. Why must marriage be such a disturbing impulse in my brain? Whenever it crosses my mind I will get cranky and moody all of the sudden.

    Huh!!! Her name is Persona, I have to admit that she is gorgeous and she got this really big ass (something I don’t have). Now that a new woman appears in his life, demanded for his attention, I just can’t stop myself from being the most annoying person in his life. He told me something that quite pisses me off a bit, ‘bila I nak tido dengan Persona ek?’ OMG… tak rasa nak lempang ke? I try to focus on tomorrow’s presentation, but as usual, he is being him and annoys me with his knowledge of piston la, air filter la, bla bla bla…

    I want to marry him seriously. I’ve already put my attention to it, it’s just that I can’t do it because I have another two years of degree and I don’t want to risk it for babies . So my inner self will just have to wait. Again.
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