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  1. Im soon to become a GRANDMOTHER!!!

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Ni Bapak kepada budak-budak dalam kandungan Puppy
    My one and only daughter, Puppy is pregnant (I think she is). These few days since i notice that she's pregnant (maybe), she rarely move axcept when Coco kejar dia. Makan, Tido, Berak, Makan, Tido, Berak... Tu je la keja dia. This is a picture of her baru lepas makan, ready to have a shut-eye, tapi diganggu Azara Nur. Hahaha... Muka dia as always menyampah aku tengok... Menyombong jer... huh...

    Ikmal once ask me, "Among all the cats you have, siapa yang paling you sayang?" and I say, "Pippin". Then he ask again, "Maksud I yang hidup lagi?" then I answered, "Puppy". Walau dia sombong mane pon, still she will crawl to my bed and sleep with me, sit on the PC when I'm using it, Sit on my notes when I'm studying and the best part is in the morning, when i wake up and she hear my voice, she will come to me and sit on me and meoww. Aaaaahhhhh.... Sangat Chumel and manja...

    As for Coco, tak habis-habis nak keja Puppy. Kesian dia sampai luka-luka. Basikal tol. Anyway, I cant wait to be a Granny. I'm sure that she will have wonderful kids and hopefully tak ikut perangai bapak diorang yang pengotor (Berak tak tau tanam) lagi satu basikal! Hahaha... Still they are my Precious and i love them so Much!!!
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    1. cha said...

      kak aza serta kucing nya, tidak bisa dipisahkan. :)

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