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  1. The tired Owl

    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    I'm kinda tired actually, staring at the monitor screen the whole day yesterday. I worked extra hard for The Owl Sisters as I don't want to be a quitter, i want it to be successful. It is kinda frustrated sometimes when we don't know what to expect. My sisters already started to feel confident on our e-shop actually, which is a good thing. Although at first we quarrel in every single step of the way about what name should we use, what kind of clothes should we sell, etc.

    For now, everything runs smooth... For now the most frequent shoppers are ourselves as we cant control ourselves when it comes to cute dresses... Huhuhu... Thanks to all friends who bought from us, especially Ami Royani.

    I really really hope that our business will prosperous!!! Amin.
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  2. The Owl Sisters

    Friday, December 19, 2008

    My sisters and I started a blogshop. If you guys are interested do visit us there... Hehehe

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  3. Indonesia

    We will start with Bandung, well... it's definitely a place to shop! Bandung is full of factory outlet, though you have to sometimes be aware of the imitation as there are some shops that selling ZARA or MNG but it's actually not. The imitation will use difference font as the original, so for those who knows these brand very well wont be deceive...
    Bandung is almost like Penang in terms of the trees on the road side. Thus, it is not so hot. With the perfect shoe, walking from one factory outlet to another is not tiring at all. My advice avoid thong sandal, instead wear comfy shoes like crocs or scholl.

    Picture from Bandung

    on the way to Rumah Mode

    this is Rumah Mode

    This is a mosque, im not sure where. I slept along the way from Jakarta to Bandung!

    The view from my Hotel room in Bandung.

    Rumah Mode

    As for Jakarta, if you want to take a cab for travelling... Always choose Blue Bird. Most of the taxi drivers wont cheat you. But if they do, you can complain to their customer service and the cabbie will either be suspend or fired.
    Overall, the trip to Indonesia is a fun one as i get to hang out with my mom and sisters and shopping as a millionaire... huhuhu...


    When I reach the Jakarta Airport, I switch on my handphone, no coverage. I didn't expect to have any local coverage, as i didn't activate my roaming. I intended to buy an Indonesian prepaid sim to call or SMS Ikmal.

    After a few hours, when I was in the van on the way to Bandung I receive an SMS from Ikmal. I was surprise, then he told me that he activated IDD for me. He also added that it will cost 40 cents to call him, so we talked on the phone quite frequently during my stay in Indonesia.

    The weird thing is, yesterday when i wanted to top-up my sister's prepaid Maxis send an SMS that the transaction is unsuccessful as we exceeded the credit limit. OMG! our credit limit is RM 850, when we check the unbilled amount it's nine hundred something. This is absurd! How could this possible! Its not that I'm calling from London or what...

    Today, the maxis bill is out. When we go through the bill, we notice that Maxis charge us almost RM 10 per minute for calling from Indonesia. Ikmal called the customer service, they say that they have to use their own money first to pay to the Indonesia telecommunication company. that is why the charges are high. Then Ikmal ask the representative named Rishi, why is that Maxis never send any notification saying that the charges will be as such? Then she said that it is not Maxis procedure.

    Doesn't it sound like maxis is manipulating it's customers? When they want us to buy a service from them they keep sending SMS persuading us to subscribe the caller ringtone, the background music, etc. but when it comes to our expense, they say it is not their procedure. What kind of service Maxis is providing??? No wonder more and more people are switching to Digi.

    I actually already have plan to switch to Digi as Abah, Mama, Amar, Tiza and Miza is using Digi. If Maxis doesnt solve this issue well. I will definetely start the year 2009 with Digi, always the smarter choice...
    I guess I'm not so smart on using Maxis Huh?

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  4. Job Vacancy-General Clerk

    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Needed urgently. to work in PPR kg baru Hicom, sek 26 shah alam. behind F&N Coca Cola and Tiong Nam.

    Resume can be email to or

    Resume can also be fax to 06-5560143(HQ) or 03-51913607(Shah Alam)

    Salary is between 800-1000 according to qualification and experience.
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  5. Best Friend Forever

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    When I was 10 years-old, my mum sent me to a Summer Camp. I din't remember much, only bits and pieces... What I remember the most is a friend I make there. She was my best friend, the best I ever had. I am not sure though whether she is older than me or younger. But I do know that we were close.

    As the Summer Camp ended, we parted and back to our own lives. The friendship didn't end there, we wrote to each other. She lives in KL as I'm in Melaka. We never met after the summer camp. Occasionally she will call me or I will call her, which reminded me of the movie The Parent Trap, where the twins secretly call each other. haha...

    I dint remember in which part of my life that we lost communication, but I miss her dearly. Although I cant remember what we talk about then, but I remember clearly that we were close.

    When friendster exist, I try to find all of my friends. Primary school, Secondary school. I found her, but we didn't have the Jejak Kaseh thingy going on. She is not the person I know when I was ten. I have to say, I am a bit disappointed.

    This shows that as we grow up, we develop different interest in life.

    I always love Mariah Carey even since I was small. Now, I listen to all kind of music.

    When I was fifteen, young and foolish of course, I dated a 'Mat Rempit'. Now, I'm having a relationship with a MAN, worthy of my love.

    When I was sixteen, I never obey to anyone, seriously... Now, I'm better.

    When I was nineteen, I ran away from home, hating and cursing my parents. Now, I love them more than anything.

    I have many circles of friends, the bad ones, the good ones, the ulama type, the naughty type... all kinds, I can fit in all types of people. Although I do understand that not all people are like me. I have few people as examples on my sleeves, but I rather not share.

    The point is, I hope people can just get along without having this ego thingy influencing them. You know, the part where, people saying things like"ko kampong, aku tak kawan orang kampong" or "ko soSIAL, perangai cam setan, masuk neraka, aku tak nak join ko"

    I seriously didn't remember having that kind of attitude when I was smaller (In age, I meant hehe). If you are using your parents money, you are not rich... So don't act all snobbish like you are rich. We already have rich people that are snob, so don't add the number...

    Good night my BFF, tomorow I will forget you... Wake up only to remember my LOVE ones...
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  6. Amiza Nur...

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    The car that Amiza Nur drives
    Amiza Nur is a sister of mine that is kind in heart, not as self-centered as the rest of my other sisters including me. Today is her first paper on SPM. She told my mother last week that she wants my mum to drive her off to school during SPM. My mum says OK.

    A few days after that (that is Saturday, 8th Nov), she was involved in an accident. Anisah Nur, my youngest sister from my mother, and Amiza Nur were on the way to town. Of course, Amiza is the one who drove, turns her heads away from the road for few seconds and she suddenly realise that she was too close with the car in front of her. She hit the break and try to avoid hitting the car. As I'm not in the car, so I'm not really sure how fast she drove. But i think, it must be REALLY FAST, because the car turns 900 degree and crash sideways facing back to where they came from(as u can see in the pic)

    Lucky for them, they are OK. The car, not so fortunate. my mum said ambulance and fire fighters were there, as witnesses of the accident thought the driver and passenger of the car wont make it. Huh... according to my mum again, the car is a total lost!

    I thank God that they are OK. As I love my sisters a lot. All of them. I hope that my beloved Amiza Nur learn her lesson.
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  7. Its all about Tapir!

    Monday, November 10, 2008

    I have to admit, since cuti sekolah nie, i spent most of my time with Puppy and Tapir. Hehehe... betapa chumelnya Tapir... Geram giler...

    Yesterday, i decided to wash them. Since kutu dah banyak gile... Mak anak, dua2 penuh kutu. I wash Puppy first, then Tapir. I thought mandi Tapir easier... sebaliknya happen. Ya Allah... Tapir punya menangis... macam aku nak bunuh dia... sampai Puppy rempuh masuk toilet and nak serang aku...

    I shouted at Ikmal who at that time playing DOTA. He came and took Puppy out of the toilet, then after few seconds, rempuh balik masuk toilet. So i ask him to bring her out of the room. I can hear Puppy crying at the bedroom's door, trying to open it to get in the room.

    I rinse Tapir and dry him with towel. As for Puppy, climb over me and crying and talking to her son. God, she is such a drama queen...

    These are photos of Tapir after his bath... so cute...

    My little angel...

    Close up

    Ahhh... Chumel sungguh...

    Geram giler...

    Tengok dia... alalalalala....

    Tapir buntal...

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  8. Puppy VS Tapir!

    Saturday, November 8, 2008

    This video was captured few days back, or maybe last week. Cant remember, maybe few days before BBM final exam.

    Tapir sangat buas, as Ikmal always said. This is to prove that he is right... Tapir sangat buas, sampai his own mom jd mangsa kebuasan dia... huh...

    Selamat Menonton!

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  9. Matt dan Syn, aku sayang kamu!!!

    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    Post yang terlewat, 25th tido rumah parents Ikmal, sebab Parents dia rindu kat dia. Isnin demam, sampai sekarang.
    Dah habis, tapi sempat ambek gambar...

    Ni kat depan. Thanks to MatSalleh busuk...hehehe

    Ni masa kat belakang

    sebelum start concert

    I have to say, I really enjoyed myself. Seriously the best time I ever had. a7x was introduced by Ikmal when I first met him that is 2 years ago. City of Evil for me is the best album. Although the self-titled album is not so bad, but i prefer them in City of Evil.

    The crowd, OMG! Their performance, OMG! I shout my hearts out. Ikmal said to me after the show,

    "Sayang, tadi you bukan nyanyi, you jerit!"

    Hahahaha.... Memang pon... Matt, you rock my world, rasa cam nak panjat atas orang and pakai power Nathan Petrelli, terbang and bawa lari Matt and Syn. Geram aku! There were a lot of things going on in my heads before the show, Matt panggil naik stage lah... hahaha sampai kena gelak dengan Ikmal. tapi memang gile ar!! Best Giler!!!

    Gambar semua tak clear, sebab kitorang terlampau focus nak tengok diorang. Dengan aku yang pendek ni, pushed and kicked, tak cukup udara! At that moment, I wish I was taller. But there were wannabe, yang pakai baju My Chemical Romance ada. Yang tak tau satu lagu pon ada.

    Tapi seriously, sampai DEMAM aku nih... tapi worth all the trouble... I LOVE A7X

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  10. Definitely not a night for ME to remember!

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Junaidi Asmara said...
    table sponsorship tak kosong sebenarnya malam tu. Saya hanya dapat masuk ke dewan jam 10 malam. Berkorban juga untuk pick up Dean kita di jalan Duta. It's ok. tanggungjawab tak kira waktu. Tak dapat juga makan kerana sudah tiba masa dessert. Its ok. Asalkan yang lain dapat makan. Duit? dari awal semester sampai akhir, hampir saja mencecah ribuan. Takpa, biar berkorban, asal event dapat jalan atas nama semua. Dari 7 a.m di KLCC, keluar semula 1.30 a.m. Penat?tak terkira.I guess law of attraction doesnt apply this time ha Azza?Whats your part?

    Hakim Nasir said...
    salam.esok selasa jam 8.30 malam,bk 55,akan diadakan post mortem untuk mpg. Kita 1 batch kan,6 semester bersama,n aza dah keluar banyak duit untuk mpg kan? kesian aza,kesian ikmal x dapat makan sedap.jadi jemputlah hadir esok boleh kita selidik apa yang jadi malam tu. insyaallah, setiap biro akan cuba beri jawapan yang bernas untuk jadikan MPG aza "a night to remember".Assalamualaikum.

    dyana hanni said...
    Aza,first and foremost, i would like to thank u for coming. i'm sorry you didn't get to sit with people you know. i know how it must be like, as i was sitting rite at the very front of the stage with a few lecturers and MPPs. no, none of my friends were sitting with me. in fact, none of my friends stood beside me throughout the MPG except for Sarah, Chicha and Nareem. a few backed out. but i made it thru the rain. thanks to everyone whom i never thought wud be my fren. they supported me with all their hearts and gave me a shoulder to cry on when i feel like it. yea i did cried. why? for the sake of pleasing 209 students from our batch and not to forget 190 guests. call it your night to forget. it's your choice. but please don't forget to thank those who've worked very hard to make it a night to forget.not like you i did not spent rm200 for our MPG. as well as my team. we did not spent rm200 for our mpg. we spent rm200 for the dinner. a few more RMs for petrol, maxis bill account, printing, and a lot more. my pleasure, i can show you the bill. and none of your money were used. how much did u or was it your boyfriend spent again? rm400? sorry u had to spend so much for a night to forget.btw, thank u for coming. you are cordially invited to the MPG post mortem tomorrow night. maybe you have something to say. or maybe not.i on behalf of the team thank u again and sorry for the inconvinience we've caused.

    Best Regards,


    p/s: kepada suara-suara yang tak layak, tak malu ke ada hati nak bersuara?

    Hahaha... ada yang makan cili ke? kenapa terasa pedas? for those who dont know me and and dont know what my post 'A Night to Forget' is all about... BACK OFF!!! Ada aku tulis aku bengang ngan sume budak dalam committee MPG ke? Korang reti membaca ke tidak?

    Ingin aku tekan kan disini... Aku bukan bengang dengan sume dalam committee, yang aku bengang ialah kenapa sebagai seorang manusia yang boleh berfikir dengan waras menyuruh aku dan kawan2 aku yang nama ada dalam senarai table 28 dihalau ke table 4 yang ada satu je seat lepas tu ditendang pula ke table 3 yang langsung takda orang. Ada aku sebut nama ko Boy? Ada aku sebut nama ko Dyana? Aku sebut nama Iwa. Masa kena halau aku diam walaupun aku marah, sebab UNJUST!!! Tidak adil padaku kerana nama aku ada kat situ tapi sebaliknya aku kena mengalah pada 8 budak kat table aku. In addition, hujung post aku ada tulis,

    To 'the' and the friends... Hey!!! Allah tu ada. if ko tak dapat balasan kat dunia, kat akirat ko dapat! Good Luck on your life journey. Masa ko stumble and tergolek ingat lah aku. Orang yang ko aniaya.

    And bila aku kata “Only Paul and Cha realized that I was so far away from our other classmates.” Aku maksud kan dalam sume budak kelas aku diorang dua je Nampak aku tercampak jauh.

    Bila aku baca komen2 korang yang KONONnya nak jd cynical, aku jadi agak kelakar gak ar sebab aku rasa korang defensive tak semena2. tak payah lah nak poyo poyo guna ayat yang sopan, KONONnya aku lah yang tak mengenang budi korang yang bertungkus lumus menjayakan MPG ni. Habis dah sume pahala korang. Nak tolong biarlah ikhlas. Korang mengungkit2 apa yang korang dah buat utk MPG ni seakan korang buat untuk menunjuk pada aku. Bukan ke untuk tolong anak yatim? Tak perlu lah. Aku, Amy and Ikmal tak marah korang pon sebelum nih. Tapi sekarang ni aku dah marah. Sebab aku memang pantang orang kata aku bukan-bukan.

    Aku jenis suka mengamuk. Memang aku mengaku. Tapi aku fikirkan tak nak spoilkan event yang korang susah payah buat ni, aku tak make a scene dalam dewan. Aku marah iwa luar dewan. Sebab aku bengang dia suruh aku pindah table 4, tapi dia xlead pon pergi table tu. Aku terpinga2 dalam gelap cari mane table 4 yang pada masa tu kebanyakan label table dah remove. Bila dalam dewan aku diam tak buat kecoh.

    MPG yang aku pergi sememangnya ‘A Night to forget’ sebab lagi aku ingat2 lagi aku bengang dengan budak 8 orang tu sebab diorang telah menganiaya aku. "I guess law of attraction doesnt apply this time ha Azza?" says Boy. Hahahaha... Kelakar lah ko ni Boy. Aku tengah practice Law of attraction lah masa tu. aku dok pikir bukan2 sekali jadi. Korang bukan satu kelas ngan aku. Ko tak read pon post aku sebelum ni. ko kenal ke aku? Aku bukan orang yang marah tak tentu sebab. Aku marah ada sebab. And takda kena mengena2 ngan ko.

    Kecewa! Betul-betul kecewa!

    I have to say Dyana, professionally, if I bump into you tomorow I would have congratulates you on your event held in such big and classy venue. You and your team members seriously managed to pull it off. Personally, my admiration for your hardship dissapear.

    I am just writing what i thought is UNFAIR to me, Amy and Ikmal. If you think that I am trying to condemn your effort. Then let it be. I am just a human who have FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. If you expect someone, after eating rotten food and get sick by it to just sit around and thank the restaurant manager, then I am definitely not that someone.

    I know Iwa is part of your team, probably cubit peha kiri, terasa peha kanan. Tapi you have to remember that we all know each other, that is why i only marah Iwa, not you and everyone else. kalau yang pasal restaurant tadi, that someone tak kenal chef restaurant tu and dia tak tahu salah siapa dia sakit perut. that's why cari manager. And as for me, I know. CLEAR?

    So sorry if korang terasa. Aku pelik gak mula2 korang terasa. Bukan ke event tu a success? Buat apa peduli apa aku atau sesiapa cakap? Dah la aku langsung memang sincerely tak enjoy malam tu, sekarang kena 'remember' pulak malam yang sememangnya aku tak nak simpan dalam hati jadi dendam.

    Hurmm.... Pelik tapi Benar!

    | |

  11. A Night to FORGET!!!

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Seriously!! I’m not angry but I’m in rage. Everything I imagine for my night would be, is not that night! I couldn’t believe that there are people like them. They took advantage of their majority to pick on people.

    I remember a few weeks maybe month before Raya I told Ash about wanting seats that will be nearer to all our classmates so I won’t feel alienated. Additionally, I want us to seat together so we can laugh together and enjoy the night together. Though at first I prefer to be in the same table as my classmates, I end up in either Hakim's table or 'The' table. So I try called Hakim but he didn’t answer so I call 'The' table. These two tables have 7 people. So ngam ngam for Ikmal, Amy and me. After a few try, I asked Nareem for 'The' phone number. You know, just to be polite since we know each other, I thought it would be more appropriate if I call her, asking whether would she mind if I join her table. She's quite hesitate at first but I mentioned that I will pick a table that would be near to the stage and it would be fun to be in the same table with somebody we know, bla bla bla... then she agrees. So, I feel relieved that I get to seat with somebody I know and surrounded by my classmates. This arrangement had been done way before raya, so I have some expectation in my head, about how my night would be.

    Last week, on BBM class, Aben says he will seat with me on MPG night. How happy I was! I call ash 3 to 4 days before that night to ask about it, and she says not exactly that Aben is in the same table as I am but table behind me or something, tapi sebelah2 lah!! Takpe lah I say to my self, asalkan dekat.

    On that night, I was so excited to meet my friends and my dear classmates. There’s this feeling inside me that i can’t describe. I seriously thought it would be a night to treasure, to be embedded in my heart. Instead it happens the other way around. I came to the reception counter, register, and check what table Im in. “Table 28”, I say to myself. I saw 'the' name in my table. As expected. Strike one. As we were moving towards table 28, to my surprise, it's near to the performance stage, strike two. Table on my left is Sara and MPG committee members, I guess. Table on my right is chip and the gang, table behind me is Cica, Juon, Ara and the gang, strike 3 and suddenly IM OUT! These people who are in the same table with me started arguing that 'the' don’t have a seat. Paul approached; ask what happen he seems sincere to help. He checked the name list for table 28. Azara Nur, Ikmal, Amy Royani, the, bla, bla, bla, bla bla, bla. ooppsss... somebody’s boyfriend is not in the list. So Paul asks one of the 'bla' and her boyfriend to talk outside. I guess they were upset so they were hesitated to make the move. Then another 'bla' says:" I dah cakap dah dengan ash hari rabu hari tu, bla, bla, bla". Looking at them and I thought to myself. OMG apasal macam orang kampung masuk bandar? Why must you disrespectfully argue about this while me and my friends were still in the table? Can’t you take it elsewhere? I started to glare at 'the' hoping that she will come to me and say something. Nothing, so I sat quietly. Trying to calm myself because I can sense that trouble is on my way...

    And music started to play. The event had started. I thought ok, hopefully this matter will resolve and that the couple who the boyfriend's name not on the list will move to other table. Hahaha... “kini dijemput bla bla bla untuk bacaan doa.” And suddenly tada!!! Here comes Iwa, approaching me, " Kak Aza tiga orang kan? boleh tak move pergi table 4? Please sangat, it seems that there’s miscommunication lah.” Im quite pissed off actually, but I try not to shout as I move away from that table after Doa. Iwa left my friends and I searching for the table in the dark. hahahaha. And when i found the table. it has only one seat available. And I am furious. I’ve been to so many events and I have to say this is the WORST experience ever! I feel HUMMILIATED and DISSAPOINTED. Where those people who say mass comm. are unite bla bla bla? I went to the reception counter and started raising my voice because I can’t control my self anymore.

    I seriously feel like I want to leave this party and go home or maybe get an ice cream before I go home. Bottom-line is to leave these assholes. Anyway, Iwa started apologizing so many times but still all this bullshit drama has spoiled my night and I almost shed tears. I spent more than RM 400 for this night, expecting to enjoy myself with my classmates. What did I get? HUMMILIATION and DISSAPOINTMENT! I ended up in a table (table 3)with only the 3 of us, and more humiliating is the table is in the last row and the farthest from the stage.

    Only Paul and Cha realized that I was so far away from our other classmates. Hurm… I did not wait until the end of the party. I went home, and along the way I mumbling to Amy and Ikmal how disappointed and furious and humiliated I am. I reach home still complaining and Ikmal also feels disappointed, he even says that they are rude; no manner people to ask us to leave our table which our name is on. What more can I say, I can’t even say anything now, Im out of bad words to describe my night. I ended up calling Dya unintentionally weeping, and told her about it.

    To 'the' and the friends... Hey!!! Allah tu ada. if ko tak dapat balasan kat dunia, kat akirat ko dapat! Good Luck on your life journey. Masa ko stumble and tergolek ingat lah aku. Orang yang ko aniaya.
    | |

  12. The BABY

    Sunday, October 5, 2008

    Isn't he a cute one? Puppy's son named Tapir. Coco is missing since before Raya. I have a feeling that he won't coming back. Tapi takpe... Kami ada TAPIR! Puppy jadi manja ever since ada baby. Not sure why tapi macam cute la. She wants me to stay with her and her baby. If I move away from them, Puppy will follow. Pastu nanti anak dia nangis. So, her baby wants her, and she wants me. Susah gile! Tapi worth it, sebab tapir sangat cute... hahaha nama pon tapir...
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  13. Wow, Money will gone???

    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    I sense that we will all be in trouble soon, Raya is coming and we may have to face inflation soon.

    I think I should stop focusing on the future? The power of now or The law of attraction? Ya Allah, Selamat kan hambaMu...

    Dear today’s Gov Leaders and Opposition Leaders, Let’s put all the political differences behind us and start focusing on the upcoming Economic crisis. Stop thinking about yourself and focus all your energy on us. Instead of saying ‘No’ to this and that, say ‘How about this or that?’ No more trying to drag each other down. I know that you are all mature and brainy, I think it’s time for you to put on your thinking cap and save us.

    Be the Heroes I know in there somewhere.

    Dear citizens of Malaysia, I would like to take this opportunity to say that we need to change our perception. Sometimes if we focus on negativity too much it will bring us down. I realize that when I say Ikmal is annoying, I will only get more of that. I seriously believe in The Law of Attraction. If we say our government is bad, we will get more of that.

    Positive thoughts are always better than negative thoughts, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Come on!! Lets us together hand in hand, believe that tomorrow will be better and everything in our life is GREAT! Tetiba rasa POYO! Hahaha!
    | |

  14. Im soon to become a GRANDMOTHER!!!

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Ni Bapak kepada budak-budak dalam kandungan Puppy
    My one and only daughter, Puppy is pregnant (I think she is). These few days since i notice that she's pregnant (maybe), she rarely move axcept when Coco kejar dia. Makan, Tido, Berak, Makan, Tido, Berak... Tu je la keja dia. This is a picture of her baru lepas makan, ready to have a shut-eye, tapi diganggu Azara Nur. Hahaha... Muka dia as always menyampah aku tengok... Menyombong jer... huh...

    Ikmal once ask me, "Among all the cats you have, siapa yang paling you sayang?" and I say, "Pippin". Then he ask again, "Maksud I yang hidup lagi?" then I answered, "Puppy". Walau dia sombong mane pon, still she will crawl to my bed and sleep with me, sit on the PC when I'm using it, Sit on my notes when I'm studying and the best part is in the morning, when i wake up and she hear my voice, she will come to me and sit on me and meoww. Aaaaahhhhh.... Sangat Chumel and manja...

    As for Coco, tak habis-habis nak keja Puppy. Kesian dia sampai luka-luka. Basikal tol. Anyway, I cant wait to be a Granny. I'm sure that she will have wonderful kids and hopefully tak ikut perangai bapak diorang yang pengotor (Berak tak tau tanam) lagi satu basikal! Hahaha... Still they are my Precious and i love them so Much!!!
    | |

  15. Life never complicates us but we like to complicate life. Some people say life is difficult, but sometimes I wonder what it is about life that is difficult. As most people know, I have a great life. (Hahaha) sure we have the Ups and Downs, but it is just a piece of cake. There are few moments in my life that I classify as the worst nightmare, but that’s what makes life fun.

    A friend of mine (A) was having a nightmare that I cannot get my mind of it. She is a dear friend of mine. We are in a circle consist of eight people. A is firm, fun and truthful. B is the most quite one. C is noisy and people’s cloth is her favorite, D is emotional and sensitive. From B until D, all I should say that they look naïve but their heart I despise.

    E is straight and sweet, F is low in self confidence but very meticulous. G is a novel writer and sometimes lumpy. We were once very close and went through a lot together. There is one semester that I decided to take myself out of the circle because I felt used and unappreciated. Only E and an outsider friend know that I was hurt by them. I kept my cool and deal with my emotion alone as I know I will hurt our friendship if I told them what I felt.

    Though they (A to D) were also hurt when I was out of the circle, but they try not to show it and we remain friends. The next semester, we are back together though not as close as before but we are happy together. Friendship is about give and take. I decided to keep my anger to myself so I won’t jeopardize the friendship, and it works!!!

    The nightmare begins when A started crying and telling me that she is disappointed with our other friends (B to D), but she refuse to tell me what is it. I said let it be, it will be solve in a few days as I know how close they are. Sure they’ll find a way to make things out. I told E that my dear friend is having some trouble with B, C and D (me and my big mouth).

    Suddenly, one day, E told me something that change my day. I frankly don’t know how it happens, but all I care about is what B, C and D is talking behind A’s back to E, F and G. OMG!!!! I was furious and ask E, "Do you believe them? Do you think A will do that? Is it possible that any person will do that?” and she says, “I don’t know, they sounds convincing. Because they say they have prove.”

    I seriously at that time felt that I should do something to make things right, because I know it is because my big mouth that cause B, C and D thought that A told me about their argument. The best part is that they thought A told me everything, but truthfully she only told me that they had an arguments not what they argue about. So when I call A to tell her what E told me she started to tell me what they argue about.

    She tries to keep her cool by saying to me that it’s alright, that everything is alright. She only requested me to just let this thing slip off my mind, and never bring up this matter again because it hurts her. So there you go, a true friend who though her other friends are talking behind her back and try to take her DIGNITY away from her, yet she still try her very best not to do the same to her ‘so called’ friends.
    Although until now I don’t know exactly what happen, but I kept my loyalty to A, but not to the others because I respect her maturity and rationality. Though were left by them, but we are happy with only the two of us still together because we know that they are nothing as compared to what we will become.

    Every time I saw them in the hallway or in class, I cannot stop thinking to myself of what had caused them to change? Or maybe it’s my ignorance that had caused me to not see them as them before this. That their naïve physical cause me to skip all negative vibe that I receive from them when we were together? They don’t have to apologize to me, they never have to. There is only one person that they should as for forgiveness from; it is A. though I know A already had forgiven them. It is just for the sake of humanity. To give and to ask for forgiveness, as they had done a ‘FITNAH’ and all Muslims know what it is and what it equals to.

    I apologize to A as I shouldn’t write this blog about her but I want to set the record straight once and for all. I LOVE YOU and May Allah bless you with all the happiness in the world…
    | |

  16. A reply to a Kata-Kata.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Negara mane yang politiknya tiada corruption and bla bla bla... show me... not much but a little. Sorry to say, even IF there is a new gov to be form... things wont change much... if you say:"progress are impossible without changes" i say YES go ahead... Change!! Do i have to change my religion in order to progress? NO! Perhaps i have to change my lifestyle?
    Not all people in UMNO are "segerombolan korup dan megalomaniac". Its like saying Orang Melayu Pemalas. UnFair and UnJust. Kalau nak kata UMNO dulu follow je British or Pro-British. WHO ARE WE TO SAY THAT? We are not from that Years. The most important is to get rid of them. I remember my Grandmother once told me Tunku Abd Rahman datang Melaka. Ramai rakyat Melaka yang serahkan Barang kemas diorang pada Tunku so He can go and ask for kemerdekaan from British. That shows that they want to be free no matter how much it will cost them.

    How do we know that it is an easy process? How much does it cost to fly from Malaysia to UK now? How much do you think it cost before Merdeka? It is by their own expenses except the last trip, when Tunku went to Melaka. According to my Grandma juga, that is why Tunku announce kat Melaka. The point is UMNO is not the Hero but Tunku and his associates are the Hero, and not forgetting the rakyat of Malaya. It is each and everyone of them who contributed to what we have today.

    At least we should be GRATEFUL. That is what we are not now. What is it about Malaysia that is in need of change? UNGRATEFULNESS pun contribution tu corruption. Dah dapat apartment nak condo. Cari lagi duit nak Banglo plak. dapat kancil nak perdana then tukar Merc. Changes don’t have to be today, tomorrow or Next year. Changes consume time. From what I can see, they are changing. Hopefully it will last until everybody is satisfied. Everybody make choices and sometimes mistaken, I can understand. Too many bad choices also bad, but when there’s effort, give ways for more.

    Sedangkan hanya berniat sahaja dah diberi pahala dosa inikan effort. Bukan takda orang UMNO yang against the Pentadbiran, ada… these people also want changes bukan setakat dalam nation but also in UMNO itself. Bersabar adalah separuh IMAN, kita doalah for a better tomorrow. Tak semestinya Change everything, kalau nak lagi progress tukar Cina jd PM, mmg cepat kita dapat lari sebelah S’pore. It is not my intention to be unjust to the Malay or Indian but Chinese, Japanese, Korean, yang mata2 sepet ni memang rajin. DNA diorang ada strand rajin. Tapi kita takut diketepikan dekat tanah sendiri, sbb DNA diorang ada jugak strand pentingkan diri. So macam mana? Which ways do you prefer? There is no right or wrong to this question. There are only PROs and CONs.

    | |

  17. Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Kak Nyra and Hubby
    What is marriage all about? Two of his Ex was married this year, most of his Ex either engaged or married. What a slap to my face. Different people have different definition of happiness, mine is FAMILY. SOME people wants security in a man, as for me, I just want somebody who can love me as ME; bad-tempered, balloon, cranky, romantic, plain, shopping, dining…

    Not only his Ex was married, even most people close to me were married. I think it’s the small person in me that is jealous. I don’t like to be envy of other people because I know I’m happy now. Why must marriage be such a disturbing impulse in my brain? Whenever it crosses my mind I will get cranky and moody all of the sudden.

    Huh!!! Her name is Persona, I have to admit that she is gorgeous and she got this really big ass (something I don’t have). Now that a new woman appears in his life, demanded for his attention, I just can’t stop myself from being the most annoying person in his life. He told me something that quite pisses me off a bit, ‘bila I nak tido dengan Persona ek?’ OMG… tak rasa nak lempang ke? I try to focus on tomorrow’s presentation, but as usual, he is being him and annoys me with his knowledge of piston la, air filter la, bla bla bla…

    I want to marry him seriously. I’ve already put my attention to it, it’s just that I can’t do it because I have another two years of degree and I don’t want to risk it for babies . So my inner self will just have to wait. Again.
    | |

  18. Hanya Meluah Perasaan...

    Monday, September 8, 2008

    I am supposed to continue working on my assignment when I decided to go read the star online. I had promise myself not to read newspaper few month ago because I’m fed up with political news that appear almost every day. Anwar this Anwar that, Pak Lah this Pak Lah that. I was brought up in a Pro-UMNO family. Although now, they are starting to lose faith in UMNO, but I still believe that UMNO can change if it is lead by a different leader. The problem is that there is no one in UMNO that is worth to fight for. I saw the loyalty in every eyes of my orang kampong Sungai Petai during UMNO meeting yesterday. Though they are not in the same page on who to become the UMNO chief in the kampong, still they love UMNO, every bit of it. They don’t have any agenda on why they support the party, they just believe and have faith in its leadership because its history.

    Modernization had spoilt everything in Malaysia; the selfishness of most ‘orang bandar’ would do anything for the sake of their personal gain. Malay is dived into two- the UMNO Malay and PKR Malay. From what I can see now both UMNO and PKR are not fighting for the Malay community. UMNO is fighting for hurm….. I don’t know! PKR is fighting for Anwar. Furthermore, most PKR Malays are so focus on reformation that they are blinded by the consequences of it. It is like a trend now to become a PKR or Pakatan Rakyat supporters. Everyone is influenced by one another. Especially the young people, the generation that are more educated, the people who don’t have their own opinion and the selfish ones.

    I live in my kampong my entire life, I life in Melaka my entire life, I live in Malaysia my entire life. I never feel unsecure as when Pak Lah became the Prime Minister. I never heard of racism until Pak Lah take over the country. The thing is whenever I balik kampong, I cannot stop myself from hating the Chinese as I had been feeling that my entire stay in Selangor and Wilayah. I really hate most Chinese in Selangor and Wilayah. I seriously never felt that way when I was in Melaka. I have Chinese, Indian and Malay blood running in my vein and I even when to Chinese school. Unfortunately, I feel some regret of knowing to speak and understand Mandarin as I can understand what the Chinese in Selangor and Wilayah is talking about Malays and Indians. I seriously feel like Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer. Hahaha…

    I don’t know why but my hands are shaking when writing this blog. I am angry and I am fed up of Malays who are so tolerant and have this ‘tak pe’ attitude. I seriously dare any survey agency to do a survey on customer service in Malaysia. Which race will end up highest in lodging in complains? They will fight for their right until the last sen! Malay and Indian don’t have such enthusiastic. That is why Malay and Indian are far behind the Chinese. That is why Chinese students are leading in school. That is for me what we should be, how we should act. We must stand up for ourselves. What ‘ok’? What ‘takpe-takpe’? Shout and scream to ourselves! I can’t wait to complete my degree and married and move back to Melaka. Melaka racial harmony is far, and far beyond comparable. I never have hatred towards other races in Melaka (especially Chinese). Melaka for me is the best place to live in! I hope we all can change for better news in the newspaper so I can happily get back to my newspaper reading!!!

    This is something i read in Tun Dr Mahathir's Blog today by Mr Cool (i dont know who is it). i dedicated this to all MALAYS tak kira PKR ke UMNO...




































































    by Mr. Cool at Che Det's BLog

    P/S: I don’t like PAK LAH AND NAJIB but ANTI-them will only cause my attention to them according to the LAW OF ATTRACTION. The thing is I don’t have anyone to be PRO of….*sigh*
    | |

  19. I usually bought Puppy Cat's Pride cat's litter, the place where i usually bought her cat litter has no stock of that brand so i went to carrefour and saw her face on Carrefour's brand cat litter! In additon, its clay... Easier to clean... Anyway... Comel kan my Puppy??? HaHaHa
    | |

  20. Gosh I love cats!!!

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    When I looked back at all the photos, I realize that I am obsessed of cats... Hahaha... and I also realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful family. Although at times they pisses me off... but hey... family will always be there for you... seriously no matter how bad you are, or how big the mistakes you have done, but they will always accept you and expecting you... I'm not sure of your family but mine definitely will... that is why I'm lucky...

    Hurm… cats… what do you have on cats? Do you talk to your cats? Hahaha… I do… cats are also in the family. I don't know much about them actually. Hahaha… I just love them and will do anything for them. Someday when I graduated, and I will find lots of money to build a shelter for the homeless cats… huhuhu… this had always be my dream… when I was small I wanted to be a vet… Hahaha… seriously, but… I'm not so smart and I hated study… Still, my passion is cats…

    This week is quite weird, I found out there are crazy, psycho maniac living among us… yeah… you better be careful especially if you are working in the customer service line. Somebody who works in one of the so called biggest newspaper company after the Star bought a monitor. He/she claim that it is not working and use harsh words like 'What the F**k' and such to one of the staff. Surprisingly, wrote a blog claim this and that which most of it is not true and exaggerated. Furthermore, whatever complains about the monitor he/she made is so not true. You should have seen what he/she complains, it sounded weird and long and complicated. Hahaha… seriously, the funniest part is when the staff run test on the monitor, it was working fine, and still is. He/she demanded for a new monitor. If I'm not mistaken they already gave him/her one, to shut his/her mouth. I hope he/she is happy!!! Lucky I'm not working, if not… I could have just cut his/her throat… Hahaha (sounded evil)… no lah… just kidding… Hihihi…

    Moral of the story, don't be rude! Mind your language! And be grateful of what you have… Hehehe…
    | |

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